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Meet Lynda Thrift

Welcome to My Stor(ies)!

Written by Lynda Thrift, here's a glimpse into my life:

A bit about me…

I'm a Yorkshire lass, hailing from a quaint mill town where memories of towering chimneys and bustling looms still linger. Despite humble beginnings, I was fortunate to pursue my passion for Chemistry at university. Along the way, I crossed paths with my husband and embarked on an adventure that took us to the Land Down Under for five memorable years.

During our time in Australia, our family expanded with the arrival of two beautiful babies (thankfully not simultaneously!). Eventually, we returned home, but our lives took an unexpected turn one Christmas Eve when a forlorn puppy found its way to our doorstep.

This little furball, a Failed Guide Dog with a fear of butchers and men in white coats, quickly became the heart and soul of our household. Brimming with mischief and an insatiable appetite for both mud and food, this canine companion led me into countless escapades that often left me chuckling in disbelief.

From navigating through sticky situations to embracing the unexpected, every misadventure with our beloved pup became a chapter in our family's story. And so, inspired by our furry friend's antics, I embarked on a new journey as an author, penning my first book, Waggy Tales.
Join me as I share the laughter, love, and lessons learned through the pages of My Stor(ies). Because sometimes, the most extraordinary tales are the ones we live every day.


Meet My Team

I have a small team without whom none of this would be possible.

Meet my Illustrator: Mariangela Graps

Mariangela is based in Italy. She is a talented artist who not only illustrates my books, but has a much wider portfolio. As well as translating my ideas into images, she is an art teacher by day. Mariangela is also a published author in her own right, and has a passion of Renaissance Art.  In what spare time she has left, she helps restoration of artworks in the ancient Italian city Bologna.

Meet my Graphic Designer: Gary Nickolls

Gary is based in the West Midlands of England. When I have Mariangela's interpretations of my stories, he gathers them together and lays them out so that they pull together. It's a real skill to map pictures with the right spot in the text! He has a varied portfolio working on many different projects.

Meet my Web Designer: Charley Purkiss

Charley Purkiss, Gone Rogue Web Design, is a professional web designer who has worked on many and varied projects. I have been fortunate to secure her help and advice in developing this web site. Perhaps most importantly, she has managed to take my imaginings and turn them into reality.

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