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Metro Mice


Introducing the Metro Mice book series, a captivating collection of stories designed for children aged 5 to 11, but enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Illustrated with charm and whimsy by the talented Mariangela Graps, each book is a visual delight, bringing to life the vibrant world of the Metro Mice in vivid detail.

With layout and design advice from our trusted local lad, Gary Nickolls, every aspect of the Metro Mice series is carefully crafted to ensure an immersive and engaging reading experience.

Join us on an unforgettable journey through the city streets with the Metro Mice. Whether you're seeking excitement, inspiration, or a gentle reminder of the importance of community and compassion, these books are sure to captivate and enchant readers of all ages.

The Search

In "The Search," the spotlight falls on the plight of displaced beings, particularly the innocent creatures forced from their rural haven into the unfamiliar cityscape. The narrative revolves around their desperate quest for safety and reunion with relatives, fraught with challenges and uncertainties.


Beginning with a serene depiction of life in the Mus family's tranquil hometown of Hobart's Field, the tale takes a tragic turn when colossal yellow machines descend, shattering their idyllic existence. Readers are swept into the heart-wrenching journey of the mice as they struggle to find sanctuary amidst the chaos.

Saving the Metro Mice

Contrastingly, "Saving the Metro Mice" delves into the darker underbelly of urban life, focusing on the insidious grip of drug trafficking and farming. Here, crime festers and spreads, ensnaring unwitting mice in its perilous web. At the centre of this nefarious activity lies the Cattery Gang, a band of feral cats whose drug of choice, catnip, fuels their illicit operations.


Operating within the shadowy confines of the animal rescue centre, the gang coerces some mice into cultivating the narcotic while others are ensnared in its distribution network.

Despite the divergent themes, both books promise riveting narratives intertwined with themes of resilience, community, and courage. From the harrowing struggles of displacement to the sinister machinations of crime, the Metro Mice series captivates readers with its thrilling escapades while imparting valuable lessons along the way.

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